Welcome Iota Delta Alumnae!


Homecoming was a blast this year. Our very own Michelle Curry won first runner up for homecoming queen and we couldn't be more proud. Thank you to all the alum that came, we can't wait until next year. 

Family Trees-
See where your Tree is now!*
Check both PDFs- 6 are in Family Trees and One is in the other PDF

*IF you are not listed OR your information is wrong, please email Katie Plumer, your Big Sister and any Little Sisters you took, as well as any further generations you can remember
*IF you are listed under your maiden name and would like it updated to your current last name, please contact Kelsie Parish.
Family Trees 1.pdf Family Trees 1.pdf
Size : 326.576 Kb
Type : pdf
Family Trees 2.pdf Family Trees 2.pdf
Size : 323.588 Kb
Type : pdf

Miss wearing letters?

Order a DZ Alum letter shirt! More details to come.

 Alumnae Relations: Kelsie Parish

In The Flame-
Delta Zeta Iota Delta, Alumnae Newsletter
Summer Edition

Attention Alum!

If you have any pictures from when you were a sister, pledging, alumn events, ANYTHING, please feel free to submit them to dziotadelta@hotmail.com so we can not only scrapbook them to show our new members but also post on this page! 

Alum with Actives
(back from left to right: Alisha Grill, Enid Lindenberg,
Tiffany Wiley, Ashley Weinman, Amy Snow
front: Amanda Brandle, Melissa Mannozzi)

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