Frequently Asked Questions

What is homecoming?

Homecoming is when graduates from past years return to Edinboro University. In preparation of Homecoming weekend, a sorority and fraternity run together and create a themed float which then are in the parade. Homecoming also crowns a King & Queen, who get to ride in the parade- Presentation of the candidates is the week before Homecoming and the Friday night of Homecoming weekend, is the Crowning. The weekend includes an alumni picnic for most organizations as well as various bonding with alumni, whether on campus at the Homecoming football game or off campus, at a local park.  

What is greek week?
Greek week is usually sometime in April, when all the sorority's and fraternity's compete in a multitude of activities, such as football, basketball, swimming, can construction, pie eating, and Greek dance & sing. A sorority and fraternity will run together for the week and try to earn the most points out of all the organizations. Not all of the events are based on winning, some are simply participation oriented. It's a good way to get to know other Greek organizations on campus.

What is the National Panhellenic Council? 
National Panhellenic council is an Executive Board and representatives from each sorority. The Executive Board has rotating and elected positions while the representatives are chosen by their sorority to represent their organization to the council and develop inter-relations, as well as: 
(1) Consider the goals and ideals of members groups as continually applicable to campus 

and personal life. 

(2) Promote superior scholarship as basis to intellectual achievement. 

(3) Cooperate with member fraternities and the University/college administration in 

concert for and maintenance of high social and moral standards. 

(4) Act in accordance with the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) UNANIMOUS 

AGREEMENTS and policies. 

(5) Act in accordance with such rules established by Panhellenic Council as to not 

violate the sovereignty, rights, and privileges of members’ fraternities. 

(6) Serve as the legislative body governing member fraternities, with authoritative scope 

and a reciprocal relationship with the National headquarters. (


Please email with any questions!

What are Bigs and Littles?
The Big Sister is a very important part of the New Member education program.  The relationship between a Big Sister and a Little Sister often lasts much longer than the orientation period.  It becomes meaningful to them during both undergraduate and graduate years.  The Big Sister should not only see that her Little Sister is initiated, but that she also enjoys a strong collegiate experience and receives her degree. It is important for big sisters to be a positive influence on new members academically and socially.

Do you haze?
No, we do not believe in, approve or condone hazing in any form.

Do all the sorority's at Edinboro get along?
While we all represent different organizations, we have some of the same basic ideals- we are all women who have higher academic endeavors, believe strongly in philanthropy and want to make the best of our college experiences. Through these ideals, we are able to respect one another and work towards a constant state of Greek Unity.

What is Chapter?
A chapter is the division of the sorority, similar to a subtitle- We are the Iota Delta Chapter of Delta Zeta from Edinboro University. We also refer to our weekly 
meetings where we discuss what is happening within the sorority and organize upcoming events as Chapter; It is less of a mouthful for us to simply say Chapter as opposed to Iota Delta Chapter of Delta Zeta Meeting.


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